GRV Hospitality Camp

The GRV Hospitality Camp is an education project that was initiated and introduced by the management of the establishment almost a year ago. The camp is an education programme that seeks to create opportunities and to introduce the beauty of Kelantan to students, both from primary and secondary schools in the state.

Students participating in the camp are given the chance to learn more about the state, which is also locally known as Cik Siti Wan Kembang or Tanah Rendah Sekebun Bunga, on its diversity, culture and traditions.

The programme adopts the leisure education method, whereby students are exposed a non-academic course, and will instead learn about the operations of a hotel, and how the hospitality industry works as a key sector in driving the country's economy, aside from learning how to appreciate the historical, culture and traditions of the state.

Students will also be encouraged to share their ideas, thoughts and creativity through various activities that have been designed to suit their level and needs during the camp. This is fundamental as it is vital to understand their mindset as they will be the future leaders of the country.

Not only that, the camp is also a platform to expose and allow students to learn more about the hospitality sector, one of the industries that play a pivotal role in tourism, aside from showing them career opportunities available in hotels nationwide.

Those participating in the camp will be introduced and exposed to the hotel’s operation and taken on a mini-tour to visit historical spots and tourist destinations in Kelantan and they are required to do a research and presentation as their final project for the camp.

Designed with several key themes in mind, the hospitality camp seeks to educate students on the importance of teamwork, having team spirit and leadership, as these values can be adopted into their daily lives at school.

The facilitators of the camp are our professional team of staff, where they will guide, and facilitate the students throughout the whole duration of the program.

The reason our employees were handpicked to be the facilitators for this camp is because they are familiar with the inner workings of the hotel and its operations and they possess vast experience and the ability to explain to students on how the hospitality industry works.

The camp was officially started in March 2012, with Sekolah Kubang Bemban being the first school to participate in this program.

Due to the positive and rave responses received, four more camps were organized for several schools, among them are SMK Tanah Merah 2, SJKC Yuk Cheng, SJKC Peir Chih, and a charity camp which saw the participation of three schools namely, SJCK Pasir Parit, SJKC Temangan, SJKC Pulai Gua Musang.

The management is also in a series of discussion on the next series of the hospitality camp and tentatively, several camps are currently in the line up.

Our hope is to turn the camp into an annual programme as it the main objective is to reach out to more students and to educate and give exposure on the historical values, cultures and tradition of the state beside inculcating important themes in their lives.

Photo Gallery
GRV Hospitality Camp

SMK Kubang Bemban, Pasir Mas
(10-12 March 2012)

SJK(C) Yuk Cheng, Tanah Merah
(11-13 October 2012)

SJK(C) Chung Hwa Temangan / Poy Hwa Pasir Parit / Kampung Pulai
(12-15 June 2013)

SJK(C) Peir Chih
(29-30 June 2013)

SJK(C) Poey Sit, Pulai Chondong
(22-23 August 2013)